The oal-client crate contains two binaries, the command line interface and the LSP server.

Command line interface

The oal-cli binary is the command line interface to the Oxlip compiler.

    oal-cli [OPTIONS]

    -b, --base <BASE>        The relative URL to a base OpenAPI description
    -c, --conf <CONFIG>      The path to the configuration file
    -h, --help               Print help information
    -m, --main <MAIN>        The relative URL to the main program
    -t, --target <TARGET>    The relative URL to the target OpenAPI description


A TOML configuration file can be provided instead of passing most command line arguments. Example:

base = "base.yaml"
main = "main.oal"
target = "openapi.yaml"

LSP server

The oal-lsp binary is the LSP server for integration with Visual Studio Code. The installation path to the oal-lsp binary must be given to the VSCode language extension.

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